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Can I paint, paper or stick better? The choice of your substrate is a personal choice. Every surface has its advantages and disadvantages and depends on your project. Discover our instructional videos and installation tips to get the best results.


  • any desired shape
  • paint over with any colour
  • seamless


  • easy to apply
  • paint over with any colour
  • smooth


  • easy to apply
  • ready to use

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  • Ensure a clean and dust-free surface.
  • Mix the paint well and keep doing this while painting to ensure an even distribution of the iron particles.
  • Apply a minimum of 3 thick layers.
  • Can be painted over after 4-6 hours.


  • Lightly sand smooth surfaces
  • clean and make dust free
  • Apply glue for heavy wall fabrics
    on the surface.
  • Apply the fleece with the matte side in the glue from top to bottom
    and push the air bladders from the middle
    away with a plastic card.
  • You can cut away the sides
    with a knife.
  • Remove the adhesive residue immediately with
    a damp sponge.
  • The wallpaper is paintable
    24 hours after application.


  • To get the sticker as flat as possible after unpacking, you can lay it down with some weight on it. Protect the sensitive foil against damaging.
  • Ensure a clean and dust-free surface.
  • Position the sticker as you want and secure its position with a paper tape.
  • Divide the sticker into two parts by applying a paper tape over the full width and a little further over your sticker.
  • Remove the paper tape from the top half of your divided sticker.
  • Fold over the loose part and tear the backing paper across the width to be able to remove it.
  • Carefully rub the released adhesive layer upwards from the center against the surface.
  • Now remove all other paper tape.
  • Now carefully fold the other side
    and remove all other backing paper.
  • Rub the rest of your foil against the surface
    from the center out.