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We bundled the most frequently asked questions about our products here. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Do not hesitate to contact us with your question.

Will my rewritable frames always be erasable?

With a damp cloth you can remove your own notes on your frames.

Although you use special whiteboard markers, traces may remain visible after a while. There are special cleaning materials for this, but the classic damp wipes and window cleaner also do that job well.

What size should I have my photos printed?

Our standard frames come in 2 sizes and are suitable for photos of 10×15 cm or 10×13 cm. During your order you can always choose from one of these sizes or combine.

Be sure to read our blog post about ordering prints to learn more about this.

How many frames will fit on my photo wall?

With Magpartout you naturally determine how many photos you want to hang and you can change that number every day. There will be more or less space depending on how many portrait and landscape photos you will hang and whether you will hang everything nicely lined up or chaotic. You can download a template here to cut out the size of our frames to create your own model of your photo wall. You can best take into account a minimum gap of 2 centimeters between each frame.

These guidelines can already give you an idea of what is possible.

Can I best use paint, wallpaper or stickers?

The choice of your substrate is a personal choice. Every surface has its advantages and disadvantages and depends on your project.


any desired shape
paintable with any wall paint


easy to apply
paintable with any wall paint
slippery surface


easy to install
immediately ready for use

View the instructions for the various options to determine which one is best for you.

How much does shipping cost?

We deliver free throughout the Netherlands in Belgium at your home or at a collection point in your area. Read more details about our shipment here.

How can I pay?

We support the most used payment methods on our website.

Bank transfer

Discover here all information about secure payment in our web store.

Can the self-adhesive films be glued together seamlessly?

Although you can stick several stickers side by side, a seam may always remain visible. If your surface is wider than our widest sticker, it is better to opt for the magnetic wallpaper where you can hide the seams with repainting or for the magnetic paint.

How much paint for how many m2?

Our magnetic paint has a yield of 1.7 m2 per liter. That is taking into account 3 thick layers that are needed for a sufficiently attractive effect. All indicated m2 in the webshop take these 3 layers into account.

Will I lose magnetic power after painting over the magnetic paint?

In our own experience, the dark magnetic wallpaper and the dark gray magnetic paint are covered when painted over with two layers of white wall paint. However, we did the test with three coats of paint and still retained enough attraction for our magnet frames. View our instructional videos.

However, due to the wide variation in possible finishing products, we recommend placing a sample in the event of uncertainty about this.

Can I order two ratio sizes frames in one bundle?

That is certainly possible. In that case it is necessary to state in the comments with your order how many frames you want to receive in which format and we will take care of the rest.

What if I want bigger pictures?

For the time being we only offer frames in 2 sizes, both for photos of 10 centimeters high but each in a different ratio. The threshold to keep replacing your photos with those of your last adventures should be as low as possible and in the case of a photo wall, more is simply better. If you still want a unique format, get to know our magnetic photo paper to make your own prints up to A4.